All definitions are taken from the words of well known salafee scholars. Longer explanations are given as a pdf that you can download by first going to the relevant post then clicking on “CLICK HERE”. The full reference (I hope that some readers will refer back to these) and name of the translator is always given on the pdf. The names of those who have checked the articles has not always been given.

Except for my other blog, I have only linked to a small number of sites which are exclusively verbatim translations. I know of plenty of other beneficial sites on the web, but I have restricted my links to be in keeping with the theme of this particular blog and to prevent overloading the reader.

Please tell me your corrections and suggestions in private before telling anyone else. You can contact me on islamthedefinitions@gmail.com.

I will post up a new definition EVERY FRIDAY inshaa Allaah. To receive it automatically, please sign up to follow this blog on the home page. My other blog is islamthestudyguides.com. Please try it out.

Umm Zaynab Aalia bint Ehsanullah

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